The Living Urn® Indoors / Patio
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The Living Urn® Indoors / Patio

  • From 159.00

With the Living Urn® Indoors/Patio, you can plant a small tree or houseplant in memory of a loved one. Best of all, this urn is sized to keep indoors or on a patio so that you can keep your memories close by.

This very special proprietary design incorporates a special compartment to hold cremated remains. It features interlocking ring trays and accessories that will help you with your planting. The inner chamber holds your choice of our tree or your own, and a growing medium.

The urn comes with complete instructions on how to plant as well as how to distribute a small amount of cremated remains along with the growing medium.

  • Planter Material:  Porcelain
  • Planter Dimensions:  9” high, 9” in diameter


Urn system ships within 2 business days. Bonsai Tree, if selected, ships separately within 5 - 10 days direct from the nursery.

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