Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy from

  1. PRICE: All of our prices include shipping. That means that the price you see on the screen is the price you pay. There are no hidden extras.
  2. QUALITY: We work personally with each of the artists who craft the products we carry to ensure that items you select are of the highest quality.
  3. SECURITY: The information you provide is safe with us. We will never sell your contact information.
  4. WE UNDERSTAND: As members of the funeral industry we understand how complex the decision to purchase memorial products can be. We work to make sure that when you purchase a product from our store you don’t face added stress during a difficult time.

What is your shipping policy?
The amount of time needed to ship your item will depend on whether or not your item is custom, how it is sourced, and where you are located. Each item in our store includes information on how quickly the item will be processed. If you have a question about shipping for a particular item, just let us know.

How do I buy an urn for a person?
Buying an urn can be difficult simply because there are so many types and styles to choose from. There are ways you can narrow down your options. For information on the questions you can ask to help make the task more manageable visit our How to Buy an Urn page. This page includes information on how to determine the right sized urn as well as other considerations you may not have thought of.

As you are shopping, consider the functional and emotional value and balance that with your budget. A $100 cremation urn can be as good as one that costs $1,000. However, the beauty, style and artistic quality of the more expensive urn may make it a much more meaningful memorial. In the end, the decision is a very personal one.

When it comes to buying an urn there are no right or wrong choices—only what is most important to you. Consider the woman who purchased a ceramic urn for her mother’s ashes from our store. The design included beautiful hand-painted daisies. Since the buyer’s mother loved daisies, the urn was meaningful and was the perfect memorial to her mother, not just a container for her ashes.

How do I buy an urn for a pet?
Buying an urn for a pet is similar to buying an urn for a person. For most people, the decision comes down to finding the right style to reflect the personality of your furry companion. To help you decide we recommend that you visit our How to Buy an Urn page.

What type of urn should I buy?
Urns fall into two basic categories: permanent and temporary. When the crematory returns remains to you they are contained in a plastic bag that is inside an urn. If you have not provided the crematory with an urn, they will return the ashes in a temporary container, such as one made of cardboard. The plastic bag makes it easy to transfer the ashes to an urn of your choosing.

Permanent urns are made of glass, hardwood, metal, ceramic, bronze or marble. Biodegradable urns are a form of temporary urn because they decompose over time. Most biodegradable urns are made of paper but you may also find them made of salt, cornstarch, gelatin or other degradable materials. There are also urns specifically for use in water burials.

What should I buy if I want to scatter the ashes?
The truth is, you really don’t need to buy anything to scatter but there are special tubes that make it much easier. Factors like wind can make scattering a little tricky, especially if you would like to scatter in more than one location. Visit our Scattering Ashes page for more on what to consider.

You may want to reserve a small amount of ashes so that they can be used to create a special memorial item that will provide a lasting memory. Ashes can be infused into a custom item or placed in a small vial that is part of a piece of jewelry or keepsake.

How do I buy memorial jewelry?
When selecting jewelry it usually comes down to taste and style. If you are looking for an item that needs to stand the test of time, consider quality of materials and artistry in your purchasing decision. Search for an item that has the most meaning to you.

Flowers from the funeral can be incorporated into a beautiful ring or pendant and ashes can be infused in an item or kept in a special vial that is part of the piece. A favorite photo can be included in a pendant or in a glass crystal. Paintings and other artwork make excellent memorial items.