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The Living Urn Eco Water™ Urn

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The Eco Water™ Urn offers the perfect way to give your loved one a water burial that genuinely honors their life while respecting the environment. The 100% biodegradable urn for water burial lovingly dispenses the cremated remains as it gently floats. The urn dissolves from the bottom up, gently releasing the remains.

The Eco Water™ Urn is packaged in a beautiful eco-friendly bamboo cylinder case. The case allows for safe transport and can double as a special place for storing mementos of your loved one.

The Eco Water™ Urn holds up to 220 cubic inches of remains. (1 cubic inch is equal to approximately 1 pound before creation.) That makes the urn large enough to hold the entire remains of most people.  

The Eco Water Urn is designed to be used with as much or as little of a single person’s remains.    


  • Bamboo container -  14.75" tall x 7.5" wide
  • Water urn -  12.5" tall (at the top) x 6.5" wide (the size is important for upright floating and visibility.)
  • Capacity - up to 220 cubic inches


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