Oak Leaf Back to Nature Cremation Urn
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Oak Leaf Back to Nature Cremation Urn

  • 109.00

The Back to Nature Oak Leaf cremation urn for ashes is crafted of brass and painted with a coating that brings to mind terracotta. The earthy background is accented with a golden oak leaf, the Celtic symbol of family and loyalty. The Back to Nature Oak Leaf Cremation Urn for ashes is crafted from bronze and coated non-glossy, easy to clean red-brown paint.

Capacity: Up to 200 cubic inches. Best for bodyweight up to 200 lbs before cremation. 
Dimensions: 8.5 “H x 7.5 “W.
Material: Bronze

Engraving is not available for this urn. For added personalization, we recommend paring with our engravable oval pendant which is sold separately. (See product photos for what the urn looks like if you choose to purchase the engraved pendant.)

Suitable for burial, display in the home, or a columbarium (please verify the size of your niche). The threaded top offers a secure hold on its own, but can be sealed with glue for a permanent seal.

Ships in 3 - 5 business days

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