Large Twig Top Ceramic Cremation Urn

  • From 95.00

Inspired by the masterful designs found in oriental pottery, these spherical ceramic urns are handcrafted using ancient Song Dynasty kiln firing techniques. Regardless of which color you choose, you’ll be honoring your loved one with a unique and precious tribute.

  • Autumn Yellow: Streaks of bright yellow bring to mind the golden hours of Fall when the leaves are changing and the harvest moon shines down. A thick glaze gives this urn a stunning shine.
  • Turquoise Blue: A serene and peaceful blue brings to mind nature and the sea while the imperfect glaze is reminiscent of rippling waters and ocean spray.
  • Cherry: An elegant and eye popping piece whose shape and color brings to mind a ripe sweet cherry. The red, a time honored indication of love and loyalty. The crackle finish provides a texture similar to that of clouds.
  • Sakura Pink: Crafted to bring to mind the annual blossoming of the cherry trees, this is a stunning urn that reflects beauty, peace, and serenity.

Each urn is accented with a twig-like handle on the top to give it a natural appeal that blends perfectly with the handcrafted nature of ceramics. As with all handmade items, no two are identical so you know that your tribute is as unique as the person it honors. For an added touch, a thick tassel is added to the top. A special finish on the lid ensures a tight closure. Liquid adhesive is included for a more permanent seal.

  • Capacity:             Up to 200 cubic inches (Up to 200# prior to cremation)
  • Dimensions:        7-1/8"H x 7.75"D.
  • Materials:            Ceramic

Engraving is not available for this item. For added personalization we recommend our black marble base.

Ships in 3 - 5 business days. 

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