Biotree™ Urn

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For those who hope to create a greener planet with their passing, the Biotree™ Urn offers the perfect alternative to traditional burial. The Biotree is a flexible solution since remains can be divided between multiple tree pods or split between the Biotree and a conventional urn.

Available in White and Green

  • 5” Diameter x 11” High
  • Capacity: up to 90 Cubic Inches

Your BioTree Urn includes complete instructions on how to take advantage of the unique geotagging feature. With a short registration, you record the location of your urn. You also have the option of creating an online memorial for your loved one.

The BioTree Urn is crafted of bamboo fibers and other biodegradable materials. A unique coco peat disk works to lower the PH of the remains and fertilize the surrounding soil. This combination creates an environment that is beneficial for tree growth. Your urn also contains a geotag so that you can mark your burial spot online.

Your purchase will come with a certificate for a sapling that you will redeem when you are ready.  The trees that are selected for your Biotree Urn are selected based on your location so that it is chosen with the local environment in mind. If preferred, the family may work with a local nursery to secure a seed that can be used to grow the tree.

Cremains are added to the base of the Biotree Urn. There is no need to add soil. Detailed instructions for redeeming your sapling certificate, planting your tree, and geotagging your urn are included.

The Biotree™ Urn was designed in South Africa. The components of the urn are sourced from various parts of the world. The main upper and lower parts (in white or green) of the urn are produced in China. The cork divider is made from Portuguese cork and is shaped in South Africa. The urn is assembled and packaged in the U.S. The tree sapling is also from the U.S.

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