Stained Glass Box Urn Memory Chest (Keepsake Size)
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Stained Glass Box Urn Memory Chest (Keepsake Size)

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The small stained glass keepsake memory chest memorial urn is the perfect way to store a small amount of remains, precious mementos, or other special treasures. Hand-mixed glass pieces are gently soldered to a metal frame to create these delicate yet sturdy chests.  Available in three colors, any of which is bound to become a unique family heirloom. With its small size, the keepsake memory box is ideal for storing a shared amount of remains, the remains of a treasured pet, or items that represent a special memory.



If used to hold ashes, the box can hold a 25 cubic inches. 25 cubic inches is equivalent to 25 pounds before cremation.


5.0"L x 3.7"W x 3.5"H


Glass and metal solder


Metal latch (top can be glued for permanent seal)



This memory box cremation urn is considered keepsake (small) size. It will hold up to 25 cubic inches of remains (up to 25 pounds before cremation).

Designs Available:

Orchid Urn Chest Memorial Box:  Pastel pink and orchid mix to make the perfect blend soft and gentle blend, reminiscent of the Impressionist style.

Meadow Urn Chest Memorial Box:  Multi-colored glass with translucent shades of rose and green, the meadow urn brings to mind the silent peace of the forest or a meadow glade.

Sapphire Urn Chest Memorial Box:  Shades of blue and white combine to evoke the spirit of the sea, the ocean, and calming pools.

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