Eco Scattering™ Urn

  • From 54.00

These beautiful and unique patent pending Eco Scattering™ urns are all-natural and biodegradable. With it’s propriety locking mechanism, the Eco Scattering Urn is the only scattering tube available which allows you to safely scatter at multiple locations.

  • Unique open/close mechanism on top which allow ashes to be transported
  • Design allows for scatter control at one location or at multiple locations.
  • Made from bamboo and is biodegradable which allows for disposal in nature.
Available in 4 sizes
  • Small (50 cu in, 9" tall x 2.5" diameter): for part of a person's ashes
  • Medium (100 cu in, 13.6" tall x 3.3" diameter): for a part of a person's ashes
  • Large (185 cu in, 14.1" tall x 4.1" diameter): for 100% of most people's ashes
  • Extra Large (350 cu in, 14.1" tall x 5.9" diameter): for 100% of a person's ashes, or combine ashes from multiple loved ones to be scattered

    Ships with complete loading and scattering instructions.

    Ships within 2 business days.

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