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Hand Blown Glass Memorial Sphere with Cremains

  • From 240.00

These hand-blown one-of-a-kind glass spheres are infused with a small amount of your loved one’s remains with the utmost care.  Using the process of dichroic glass, the artists create the spectacular appearance of gold and silver shimmering throughout the piece. This enhances the beauty of the ash and helps you capture the spirit of your loved one while preserving their memory. Specks of coordinating colors are included to give your piece depth and dimension.

Handcrafted by AsheArt, a community of glass artists who create unique hand-blown works of art, your memorial sphere will complement any décor while paying honor to a life well-lived.


  • Capacity:  A small amount of ashes (1-2 teaspoons)
  • Dimensions:  4” diameter
  • Materials:  Glass and Cremated Remains
  • Colors Available:  Cobalt Blue, Teal Blue, Emerald Green, Scarlet Red

Included: Certificate of Authenticity confirming the use of your ashes in the glassblowing process.

Shipping Info: 

Once we receive your order, our artists will mail you a collection kit that includes a screw-top tin for ashes, a scoop, an authorization form, and an addressed pre-paid padded envelope for return. The prepaid envelope covers the cost of USPS Priority Express mailing which is required for shipping cremation remains.

Once the artist receives your ashes, they will begin to create your memorial sphere. It generally takes about 6 weeks to complete an order. Any ash that isn’t used during the creation process will be respectfully scattered at sea in the Atlantic Ocean. 

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