Oak Leaf Back to Nature Cremation Keepsake Urn
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Oak Leaf Back to Nature Cremation Keepsake Urn

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The keepsake version of the Back to Nature Oak Leaf cremation urn for ashes is crafted of brass and painted with a coating that brings to mind terracotta. A golden oak leaf accents the earthy background and brings to mind the tranquility of nature.  The Back to Nature Oak Leaf Keepsake Cremation Urn for ashes is lovingly made of bronze and coated non-glossy, easy to clean red-brown paint.

  • Capacity: Up to 5 cubic inches. Best used as a memento or for sharing. 
  • Dimensions: 3.0"H x 3.0"W
  • Material: Bronze, paint

The threaded top offers a secure hold on its own, but can be sealed with glue for a permanent seal.

A note on urn size:
This is a keepsake “urn.” It holds approximately 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of remains. Keepsakes are designed for those who would like to keep a small amount of remains as a remembrance.

Also available in a full-size adult version.

Generally Ships in 3 - 5 business days

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