Memorial Wind Chime

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26-inch copper wind chime with 3-inch circle wooden sail etched with “Listen To The Wind And Know I Am Near.”

These beautiful chimes will provide a constant remembrance of a loved one--during the strongest of storms or the softest breeze. This unique handcrafted piece offers a tangible reminder and is a beautiful conversation piece that will be enjoyed for years.

  • Chime is bubinga finish wood with 5 copper/aluminum tubes measuring 7-9 inches in length.
  • Medium hand tuned 5 note scale comforting medium/deep tone. Includes a 2-inch ornate teal patina finished medallion which adds the perfect finishing touch to this special piece.
  • Measures 26 inches from the top of the hanging cord to the end of the sail. The wooden sail is deeply etched with the saying shown or customization.

The standard wind chimes comes with “Listen To The Wind And Know I Am Near” etched on one side (front).  

You have the option to customize just the back side or both sides of the wooden sail.  Examples would be to include the person you are memorializing’s name and important dates, a favorite quote by the person, or any other text. Text is limited to 300 characters including spaces on each side.

Customization Examples:
Joe Smith: 8/11/52 – 11/1/17
Poppi: Beloved Husband, Father & Grandfather

For Pets:
Front: Dancer
Back: “If loved could have saved you, you would have lived forever.”

The chimes can ship to you or directly to a recipient. No invoice is included in the box and all chimes are carefully wrapped for gift giving to a grieving family in mind. To send your item to a recipient, you must use the recipient's address for the shipping address at checkout.

Generally ships in 5 - 7 days.


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