Handcrafted Glass Hot Air Balloon Memorial Art

  • 159.00

This handmade glass hot air balloon is 6" high and it looks amazing hanging in a sunny window, off a garden tree or via a Shepard's hook.  It is joined to a heart shaped Sterling Silver Keepsake Urn that can hold about half a teaspoon of cremation ash.  Together this is 8" high and about 4 ounces.  

This lovely balloon is a wonderful way to remember your loved one in unique ways.  It is perfect as a companion urn for your existing dog urn, cat urn, or urn for people.  Only a small amount of ash is needed from your cat, dog or loved one.  Sterling Silver Keepsake pendants twist seal that you can further seal with a small dab of glue.

Ships in 2 - 4 weeks after order is placed.


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