Earth's Round Bronze Raku Urn - Medium
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Earth's Round Bronze Raku Urn - Medium

  • 99.00

This uniquely designed sphere evokes the spirit of the universe and the never ending nature of our remembrances. This handcrafted masterpiece is made using the ancient art of Japanese Raku pottery. With the luminous and radiant colors created by the raku process, The Earth’s Round Bronze Urn provides an ideal way to memorialize your loved one. This beautiful urn is appropriate for either display or burial.

  • Size:  5 inch x 4 inch
  • Holds:  100 Cubic Inches of Remains (Equal to 100 pounds before cremation)
  • Opening:  Top Loading. Can be sealed with glue.

This urn can be classified as medium size. It holds approximately 100 cubic inches of cremated remains, roughly equivalent to 100 pounds of healthy weight before cremation.

The handcrafting raku process entails super heating a ceramic urn in a kiln to 2000 degrees. It is plunged into wood shavings that quickly ignite as soon as it is removed from the heat. It is left to smolder overnight. During the smoldering process the unique colors appear. After cooling, the urn is topped with a collection of sticks and stones.

Because each urn is handmade and fired individually, there are variations and imperfections in the color which make urn one of a kind. The colors of your particular urn will vary somewhat from that shown in the photo. 

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