Memorial Silver Karbella Ring

  • From 89.99

Description: This sterling silver ring has a delicate mounting that holds a 12 mm handmade round shaped Bellabead made from you special occasion flower petals in a filigree edged cabochon (picture shown with ashes).

Colors: The color of your Bellabead will depend on the color of your flowers. We can combine up to three colors in one bead. If you are blending colors, please include your instructions in the message to seller. This Bellabead requires 4-5 petals to create. If your petals are small, such as hydrangea, monkshood, mums, etc., please send more. We can use your fresh petals from an event this week or dried petals from flowers you have saved for years.

Materials: We can use your fresh petals from an event this week or dried petals from flowers you have saved for years. We can add ashes along with your flower petals. All other components are sterling silver. If you are sending ashes, we need ½ teaspoon (leftover ashes will be returned along with your completed order.  

This ring is available from the supplier only in sizes 7 and 8. We can have the ring re-sized for an additional charge of $45.00 if you wish to have it in a size 6 or 9. Just select your size; prices adjust automatically.




How many petals do I need to send?
Look at the description above under (Other information). You will find how many petals we need to create this specific piece of jewelry.
How many ashes should I send? 
When sending ashes, we need ½ teaspoon (ashes not used in your jewelry design will be returned along with your completed order).  
How do I package my petals and or ashes?
Click on this link to watch a step by step video on how to package your petals. Ashes need to be double bagged in a zip lock bag.
Do I have to overnight my petals and ashes? 
No. We suggest to over night fresh petals, but is not required.
Where do I send my petals?
Flowers Forever  2769 Rosewood Drive Columbia, S.C. 29205
Will you let me know when you receive my petals? 
Yes, we send an order confirmation email and estimated time of completion.
What kind of flowers can you use to make my jewelry? 
All flowers do very well with the exception of succulents. Some filler flowers (baby's breath, caspia, etc.) cannot be used.  We can use  leaves and greenery in our jewelry designs. 
I have a lot of petals. I don’t know what colors will look good together? 
You can request “designer’s choice”; our designers will choose the best colors to compliment your jewelry selection.
When will I get my order?
Everything is hand-made. Our estimated completion date is 4-6 weeks form the date your place your order and we receive your petals and/or ashes.   

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